2 May 2012

3D D-brief

After finishing my rig at 7:30 on Friday night with limited testing it was packed up and shipped to be used in its first test run Saturday morning... All-in-all not a bad first go, I did manage to get a couple of passable 3D shots from it, but it needs some tweaks...

  1. Rotation motor slips - turns out to be a loose bolt holding the spindle to the camera plate.
  2. Camera plate wobbles - turns out a bit of paper will fix it, but redesigned the top panel to only use 3 bearings, there is a reason tripods only have 3 legs, and it's not because of the name.
  3. Jerky movement - software fix required to accelerate and decelerate slower.
So, that's this weekend's mini-project, and then some still life examples. For example a redo of this one.

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