1 May 2012

Katy, Raphy and the trip up North

Having parents from the land of Geordies yet being born in Exeter and living in London, Oxford and Milton Keynes most of my life I would have thought I would have been a little less excited about a trip to the North. However in a recent work trip to Leeds that involved months of Madras training and elocution lessons I was quite surprised at the excitement I felt when I got to the train station, asked the man in the info booth how to get my hotel, and he answered with an awesome Yorkshire accent. I blame the altitude.

So I had a day booked at Hallam Mill this weekend with the fabulously talented Katy Cee and Raphaella. I have worked with Katy several times now and have been trying to work with Raphaella for about a year, but schedules and things kept getting in the way.

After a 5am start and a 4 hour car ride the day begun at one of the best studios I have worked in. The open space, cool flooring, natural light option, Victorian iron work and a menagerie of props to make the BBC weep all meant that pretty much any photographer would quickly find a home. Jim the studio owner is also really friendly and makes great tea.

A rather awesome day was had all round. The 4 hour trip back was a real adventure with torrential rain, gusting wind and driving a smart car that deals badly with both of these - but the pins and needles in the hands have now worn off so I think all is good in the end. So, some photos from the day.

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