7 Sept 2012

My give-a-damn is busted

It's a pretty unfortunate moment when you're asked for some input, and your give-a-damn is busted. People just don't realise how debilitating this is, and you can never really put it in words... No problem any more (Assuming you have an android device). Now you can use my give-a-crap-ometer to show people how dejected you are and how little you really care.

Click here to go get it in the google play store.

If you want a QR code to go get it on your device, here it is:

As it stands the initial version allows you change your type and amount of not caring, you can quite happily not give-a-crap, give-a-fuck, give-a-toss... you get the idea. When you shake your device, the needle can even show willing.

When I get round to it, I'll update the graphics a bit - you really need screws in your bezel. I'm also thinking it needs a broken indicator as well. Any suggestions may also be incorporated.

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