17 May 2012

Maths gone crazy

Ever wondered why you always end up with one odd sock after you wash them? well, maybe science and mathematics have the answer (and by answer I mean proof that the world is a very complicated and confusing place).

First off we let a = b.
a   =   b

Next We multiply both sides by a
a2   =   ab

Next We can add a2 to both sides
2a2   =   a2 + ab

Next We can subtract 2ab from both sides
2a2 - 2ab   =   a2 - ab

We can simplify this with factorisation
2 (a2 - ab)   =   a2 - ab

Dividing both sides by (a2 - ab)
2   =   1

Looks like the rubber band broke, but maths doesn't lie people!!!

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