25 May 2012

Keep it simple stoopid!

I was recently asked the following question:

How many average sized duck eggs can you fit in an empty shopping basket?

Initially I went out to find the average sizes of both eggs and shopping baskets, as well as trying to work out how to calculate the curvature on the side of an egg etc... Then I went back to re-read the question. Deciding it was too difficult to spend that much time on I decided to keep it simple stupid...

The answer is ONE, because with one egg in the basket, it is no longer empty.

By the way I did find out a lot of really interesting facts about ducks and their eggs, for example, the average duck egg has 130 calories, 9.5g of fat and 9g of protein. the average (female) adult Pekin duck lays about 200 eggs per year on average.

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