19 May 2012

3D rig - the final cut

Ok, so I have finished all of the tweaks to the buggy and about ready to combine all of the notes into a version 2. So how does version 1 compare up to my original list of requirements? Well, it does pretty well actually.

There is a capacity problem in that the rig won't carry my heaviest gear because of a severe centre of gravity issue. The tripod head also caused some issues because of the weight being higher up, but also because the adjustment bars interfered with the power switch.

If you watch the video below, you'll notice a fair bit of "jitter" as the camera pans, this seems to be because of 2 things:

  • The belt drive for the rotation server is a little bit loose so there is a little bit of lag or slip.
  • The stepper is a 1.8 degree per step motor, even with the step down in the gearbox would still produce a bit of a jitter. Getting a similar powered 0.9 degree stepper would probably help, but since this is more for 3D, That'll be version 3.

Basically I can now do 3D photography. Version 2 will simplify a few bits and hopefully fix a few things:

  • The centre of gravity issue will be addressed in version 2 by having a larger disk on the top of the rig.
  • Interface interference issues addressed by moving controls onto the back of the device.
  • For 3D work in a studio the full length track is not required. So, version 2 will only have a shorter, single piece track.

I would also like to thank my tireless model - Captain Morgan, without whom I probably would have gotten a lot further a lot faster, but at least the journey was fun.

And to the movie:

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