17 Jun 2012

Movie making from photos

I have never really been any good with video. Sure I reckon I can get one of those steadycam things and make it look professional, but I'm not really all that clever to think out a story, and then break it into bits to shoot. Photography is much more a single moment in time thing, where the viewer can use more of their imagination (so I don't have to).

I've been out and about the last week or so, and while the sun has been about now and then it is the wind that has really caught my attention. Dabbling in a bit of timelapse was a load of fun and accidentally I seemed to have a few bits to put into a short story. More an intro to a movie. really. So, working in reverse from the music, to the effects in the scenes, this popped out today.

Watch the full screen HD version if you can.

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